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What To Do If You Get Into A Car Accident

1. Stop immediately but do not obstruct traffic.

2. Assist the injured. Have someone call the police.

3. Secure names, phone numbers, addresses of driver, passengers and witnesses. Make sure to get the other party’s insurance information.

4. Get the make, model and the license plate number.

5. Make a rough drawing of the scene of accident or take pictures of the vehicles if possible.

6. Don’t hastily accept a claim settlement at scene of accident.

7. Remain calm courteous and consistent in your version of accident.

8. Call White’s Collision Service 503-831-1493 if you need a tow. After 5 p.m., call 503-623-5328 or 503-838-0306.

Oregon State Law Protects Your Rights

It’s your car, your choice of shop. It’s that simple

ORS 746.280 Designation of particular motor vehicle repair shop by insurer prohibited

(1) An insurer may not require that a particular person make the repairs to the insureds motor vehicle as a condition for recovery by the insured under a motor vehicle liability insurance policy.

(2) Prior to providing a recommendation that a particular person make repairs to the insureds motor vehicle, the person adjusting the claim on behalf of the insurer shall inform the insured of the rights conferred by subsection (1) of this section by communicating in a statement substantially similar to the following:

(2) If an insured elects to have the motor vehicle repaired at a motor vehicle repair shop other than a shop recommended by the insurer, the insurer may not limit the cost of repairs necessary to return the motor vehicle to a preloss condition relative to safety, function and appearance other than as stated in the policy or as otherwise allowed by law.

(4) If an insured accepts the insurers recommendation, the insurer shall provide, electronically or in printed form, a statement to the insured within three business days after the date of acceptance in substantially the following form:

The above information is not intended to be legal advice, as we are not attorneys. Changes may occur in this area of the law. Click here to view the information on www.oregonlaws.org..