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Go Green with White’s Collision & Auto Body Repair Shop

We heat our shop with a used oil furnace

In the case of motor oil, it’s estimated that 180 million gallons of spent motor oil are disposed of in an unsafe manner each year. Groundwater contaminated by 1 quart of oil can affect up to 250,000 gallons of drinking water. When recycled, 2 gallons of motor oil can produce enough electricity to power a home for one day or watch TV for 180 hours straight. We not only use our used oil but recycle it from other local businesses. This not only insures that oil is being properly disposed of but reduces our use of other forms of energy.

We properly dispose of hazardous materials

The improper disposal of motor oil, antifreeze, lead-acid batteries, and other components associated with routine automobile upkeep are a major contributor to pollution, while the domestic automotive repair industry—repairs performed in autos shops and at one’s home—is the leading source of small-quantity hazardous waste. We take extra preventative measures to ensure that hazardous materials such as chemical solvents, motor oil, and antifreeze are properly used, stored, and disposed of; this decreases the risks of water, air, and landfill contamination.

We reduce solid waste disposal

We not only recycle office paper, and cardboard, but used metal parts, plastic bumpers, batteries, and wheels. We order motor oil, anti-freeze, and other fluids in bulk when possible rather in multiple individual containers.

We adhere to environmental standards established
by the auto repair industry and the government.

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