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State-of-The-Art Auto Body Repairs

What makes our facility state-of-the-art?

Our shop is professionally designed for maximum efficiency and faster through-put.

What does that mean to you?

Quicker and more accurate repairs.

Auto body repair and paint shop

Aluminum Air Lines

Why aluminum, and why is that better?

Aluminum airlines are rust free. They keep rust from contaminating your vehicle during repairs.

Aluminum Air Lines

Touch Laser Measuring System

Doesn’t every shop have a measuring system?

Most shops use a target measuring system (the old way), which has targets that you hang down off the car and measure from one target to the other. The problem is if the targets get bent or hanging crooked, then the system is useless. Our Spineze system uses touch points on the car where you literally touch a designated point with a stylus. This measures from point to point with extreme accuracy, leaving little room for user error or equipment error.

Touch Laser Measuring System

Onsite Alignments and Onsite Glass

Why does it matter if you do it or someone else does?

By doing our own alignments and glass it allows us to avoid scheduling conflicts and get your vehicle repaired more quickly.

Alignment machine

I-Car Gold Certification

Did you know that you do not have to have any training whatsoever to install an airbag?

There are no rules or regulation on any of your car safety systems as far as who repairs them. But at White’s we are I-car gold certified shop, meaning our employees are trained professionals.

PPG logo and iCar logo

Do you want just anyone installing your airbags? Or do you want a trained certified professional?

Drive-Through Down Draft Bake Oven Booths

Why is that important?

Having a down draft bake oven cures out your paint over 90% of the way before it leaves the booth. That makes the finish to brighter cleaner and longer lasting.  Plus our booths keep over 99% of the emissions from getting out into our atmosphere.

down draft bake oven

Parts-Carts and Mirror Matching

What does that even mean?

When we remove the parts off of your car, we put them onto a cart. Simple enough, right? But the other method is just putting them in a pile in the corner, and you would be surprised at how many other shops use this approach.  Our method keeps your parts clean, organized and undamaged.

auto body parts cart

Color Matching Technology

Will my paint match?

We mix all of our paint onsite. Each vehicle has a paint code, but each paint code has many different variances. These variances are specific from the date and location your vehicle was manufactured. We take into consideration the amount of sun damage and fading the vehicle has, and use the manufacturer’s paint chips to determine the best color match for your vehicle. Then we do a test spray panel to make sure the color is correct before we put it on your vehicle. This ensures the best possible color matching for your vehicle repairs.

Online Parts Ordering System

We order all of our parts online so we can see all of the available options and pick the best and most affordable part for your repair needs. This has significantly improved our parts ordering accuracy and made our repairs quicker.

Online Parts Ordering System

Online Estimates and Claims Handling

You can get your vehicle repaired without ever leaving your house.  You can text or email us photos of your vehicle, and claim number. We will process your claim. When we have everything ready, we will pick up your vehicle and return it to you when we are done. Easy as that!

online estimate form

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