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Holland Collision Service – Our Silverton Location

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Holland Collision Service in Silverton, OR is a division of White’s Collision Service.  What does that mean for you and your auto body repairs?  We have an drive-in estimating office at 703 McClain  Street, Silverton.  Our convenience starts when you drive your vehicle inside our office, never even having to walk outside in the rain. We then take photos, and gather the information to  process your insurance claim, and make your rental arrangements for you.  When you drop off your vehicle at our estimating office, you can pick up your rental car at our office, from there we transport it to one of our three factory certified  repair facilities to do the repairs.

What happened to Mark?

When Mark sold the facility to Rite Aid in 2015 we partnered with him to come up with a plan on what to do next.  We looked into purchasing and building a new bodyshop, but were unable to find a cost effective method.  Mark really wanted to find someone to take care of his customers, and that is when Mark had the idea to set up the satellite shop here in Silverton and transfer the work to our brand new facility in Dallas.

Who are we?

White’s Collision Service is family owned and operated.  We have been in business for 18 years, and we currently run four auto body repair shops.  Kim White has over 40 years in the industry, his sons Josh White and Jeremy White have 25 years each, and daughter-in-law April White has 20 years in the industry.  Stefnie Steele, manager of the new Silverton location, has been with us for 8 years and has lived in Silverton for the past 25 years.

So why choose Holland Collision Service?

We are a technology-forward company. We leverage the most advanced technology and equipment to provide the most efficient and quality auto body repairs possible. We pride ourselves on our customer service and convenience.  We will out “customer service” the competition every time!  We have an experience I-car certified long time staff .  We pride ourselves on giving back to the community.  Check out all of the local charities we have supported .  We truly believe that we should support the people who support us.  Thank you Silverton!

“Huge thanks to Josh & April White and Brandon & Haley Hamilton for the great service our family has received from them both. I knew both parties would take good care of my customers but didn’t think we personally would need their services so soon (more than once) in auto body repair and towing service. Hamilton’s were on the scene in great time in the Tualatin area and got the vehicle towed back down here for repairs. White’s has continued the quality repair work that I built my business on providing absolutely beautiful results.
Thank you both for continuing to provide our community with quality service you can count on!”

Mark Holland

Convenient Auto Body Repairs

Why take your car into Salem and then wait three months to get it fixed? Now, when you choose Holland Collision Service, you never have to step foot in a shop or even leave your house!  All we need is your claim number (or we’ll help you file a claim), and we will handle everything else from there!

  • No more hassles
  • No need to get three estimates
  • No need to go to your insurance company’s shop for an estimate
  • No need to schedule insurance adjusters to come look at your car
  • No need to go pick up your rental car
  • No need to go to an auto body shop
  • No going into Salem
  • No waiting months for repairs

We handle it all!  We can even help you file the claim with your insurance company. Here’s how it works: You callemail us or fill out the form. Then, one of our auto body estimators will come to your house, place of work, or other convenient location of your choosing. We will take the necessary photos of your vehicle and get the repairs approved with your insurance company. Then, we can arrange for a rental car, deliver it to you, and pick up your vehicle.  When the repairs are complete, we will deliver your car to you and return your rental. At Hollands, we are committed to taking customer service to a whole new level. This is all done with friendly service, quality repairs, and best of all, a guarantee!

Call 503-873-5382 or email

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